These days, several different marketing catalogs, leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, etc. intrude into people’s homes day by day without being welcome. This action makes many companies waste a lot of time, money and resources but more importantly, can lose the interest and loyalty of their existing customers.

So annoying! Stop it! Choose key projects and break the rule with a “new wine in an old bottle” marketing tool by using pop up cards!

Pop up cards are a very special luxury greeting card with various uses, limited only by the imagination and creativeness of the people creating them. We put our love messages into pop up cards to our family, friends during special events, seasons or holidays.

We tag pop up cards with our gifts to our partners, teachers, leaders, etc. to express our gratitude. We invite our family and friends to enjoy our happy events like weddings, debutante balls, graduation ceremonies, etc. by using pop up cards. And now, pop up cards can be used to win customer's hearts.

As a friendly marketing tool, a company should be sensitive and clever in choosing some key projects of the year and “spread” their hearts to customer's hearts. Pop up cards are always wonderful when hand make, full of artistic senses and unique, meaningful emotion.

That is why most pop up cards are kept inside many households as valuable souvenirs. Thus, with each impressive copywriting tagline, pop up cards will be handmade and designed following the company’s brand message.

However, each key project needs a pop up card suitable for the company’s main goal. For example: Christmas Eve and the joyous Christmas season are coming closer. You are a bakery company and right now, you want to sell Christmas cakes, especially the yule logs.

You can start a strategy “get one customer and help him/her win his/her lovers” by a campaign “Buy 1, Get 2 Magics”. It means that when one customer buy 1 Yule Log, he/she can get a Christmas pop up card in which there are a 3D frame for the customer to put his/her image and 2 corners: for customer and for your company. The customer can write his/her love messages in one corner.

Your company’s corner is printed with your content: wishes with your logo and a lucky code which helps the pop up card receiver get 1 small-sized Christmas cake in any stores. And your company can help make perfectly sweet and heartfelt Christmas moments for everybody. Just for happiness!

With many working years, Paper Color is confident to bring the pop up card with high quality & various designs with an active and young team that can create special pop up cards for you.

We are very proud of our design team that can create and design many great designs according customer’s requirements with a typical turnaround time of 3 to 5 working days. With regular new designs each month, we keep updating them to our customers to catch tendency of the market.

With our current capacity: from 22,000 to 25,000 pieces per month, and we will keep expanding our capacity in the future, we think we can meet your requirements about quantity, quality, service, and we will make all your projects to be possible.

Come with us, tell us your ideas and let us say your feelings!

.::Paper Color::.
Let Us Say Your Feelings

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