To make an unforgettable Valentine date with your lovers, you should make a “to do list” to remind you about the preparation for this meaningful day. And here is the list you should do: 

Remember something important related to your lovers: favorites, habits, memorial places, romantic actions…. 

Choose some styles of a romantic Valentine date you want to make it come true. We have many ways to do it romantically and you just need to see some Korean dramas or Hollywood movies, such as: One day, P/S I love you, Me before you, The Notebook, Dear John, Twilight, My Sassy Girl, Secret Garden, The man from the stars, The Heirs, Boy over flowers, Love in Paris….  

Combine the style you want with your lover’s favorites to choose the way of a romantic Valentine day for only you. You should remember that the most important thing for a fantastic Valentine date is your true feelings and emotions toward your lovers.

Sometimes, you just need to cook at home for your lovers and send him/her a special gift with a pop up love card and a ton of lovely kisses, hugs. It depends, you know. 

Prepare special gifts for this special day is the most important thing for couples. People often say that men love women by appearances and actions, and women love men by romantic sayings and actions. The same thing is the actions expressing your love.

And presenting gifts is the best way to show your partners about your loves. Choosing gifts depends on your understanding of your boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives. But you “must have” a greeting card to lead your partners to touch and feel your loves.

The best way is starting from pop up love cards. You can do everything you want to make your own pop up love card, such as: making them surprise, showing them your love, sending so many meaningful messages by handwriting, recalling the most unforgettable moments between you and your partners by the appearances of pop up love cards…

And you can find out your Fairy Godmother to help you get the outstanding pop up love cards at the end of this sharing article.  

Book the time and places for this special event suitable for you and your partners. To get more amazing and unforgettable expression from your lovers, you can use pop up invitation cards to let them know about this event, just for them and send these pop up cards to them by post or their best friends…etc. 

As promised, we give you the contact of your Fairy Godmother for making unbelievable pop up love cards: Paper Color. Come to Paper Color and let us help you remember your own love expressions that will be cherished through our unique pop up cards. Remember, all of our pop up cards are handmade by heart!

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