It is evident that our father spent his whole life loving and protecting us, but on the contrary, we have only one day, that is Father's Day, to express our love for him. While Father's Day is coming so close, do you have any idea to congratulate your father? Expensive gifts is such a good idea but sometimes, to your father, a simple, yet lovely pop up card about something Fatherhood, such as a Seahorse Pop Up Card, along with your thoughtful handwriting from yourselves is a greatest gift in the world.

First, can you guess why seahorses became the inspiration for us to design this wonderful card? That’s right! Since seahorses are a special and interesting fish, males will be pregnant and give birth instead of females, Paper Color is grateful to those dedicated and caring dads of the nature. In addition, seahorses are also considered the most faithful form in the animal world.

Through our design, we hope that when your father receives this card and opens it, he will not be able to suppress the sudden feeling of surprise and happiness. Inside the card, a family of beautiful seahorses, consisting of a father and three children gathered together in a colorful coral reef. An interesting image that is reminiscent of the years when we were just little kids, we always gravitate to our father in all places, right? And we are sure that not only on Father's Day of this year, but a long time later, you and your father will still have a bright smiles whenever looking at this family of seahorses.

Plus, created by the ingenuity and meticulousness of Paper Color’s craftsmen, and above all, the respect and admiration that we want to give to all of esteemed fathers in the world, we hope that the Seahorse Pop Up Card is not just a greeting card sent to your father on this father's day, but whenever you want him to know how much you love and care for him.

Paper Color

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