As students, who do not expect to graduation which is the day they are wearing a formal bachelor shirt and waiting for a future open wide. So there will be nothing more wonderful than giving the new graduates who is your loved one, your friend or your lover the gift of celebration on that big day with a wish for a successful career in the future.

And to mention the gift for graduation, it is impossible not to mention fresh flowers, especially sunflowers because of their good meaning. Not only always towards the light but the sunflower itself is also the brilliant "baby sun" , they show intense vitality, the strong rise and the belief in the bright future.

The period after graduation is always full of opportunities, good luck and no shortage of challenges and tears. It's time for the new graduates to get the most out of everything, when they need to "look toward the sun", to look at the light. So giving them sunflowers is the ideal way for you to tell them, "Live like a sunflower, always toward the sun with faith and pride! The difficulty of today will create the bravery to reach the success of tomorrow.

However, fresh sunflowers given on graduation day will come to an end. In the meantime, you want the recipient to keep the gift for a long time. So, do you ever think of replacing fresh sunflowers with handmade ones on a 3D pop up card? This unique gift not only reproduces the most vivid beauty of sunflowers in nature, but also can be preserved for a long time, and the recipients can place them in any corner of their home or office, of course, they will always remember your heart.

Sunflower 3D pop up card

Do not hesitate or think too much, because ultimately the "fresh" or "not fresh" is just a form of sunflowers, while more important than all that are their deep meaning and your mind inside the gift, right?

Paper Color

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