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Paper Color - let us say your feeling. Even the slogan has also revealed its innermost meaning. You do not know how to express your emotions, feelings to others on a particular occasion or simply just a thanks, an apology? Do not worry! Paper Color will help you convey your feelings and meaningful messages to loved ones by the most wonderful ways. That is Paper Color's mission.

2018 is a milestone in the history of the formation and development of Paper Color. It marks the 4-year journey that seems neither long nor short since its inception. Conceived and cherished from a simple idea to achieve an certain position in the pop-up card industry as we can see today, Paper Color has gone through a long time with many ups and downs.

It comes from the idea of creating a unique way to share meaningful messages in life to everyone. Paper Color has created handwritten cards with interesting images that pop up unexpectedly when the recipient opened. Based on the inspiration from the Kirigami paper art imported from Japan and go through the talented hands and rich imagination of the designers at Paper Color it becomes an unique unforgettable gift.

To have a great card, the artists at Paper Color have blew their soul into the lifeless paper by clever, meticulous hands in whole process from design, select the paper, cut, glue, assemble...to package a finished product, all is handicraft. And if you also have the unique ideas of pop up card that you want to send to your loved ones, let us help you do all what you want.

So far, the company has taken a big step into the international market and became a prestigious supplier that received warmly by customers from around the world with major markets such as EU, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan... And to match quickly the rigorous demands of customers from all over the world, the company has been equipped with good facilities. Thus, Paper Color can launch to the market at least 30,000 products each month.

Paper Color has also more than 20 excellent employees, designers in the head office and more than 50 workers at factory.  Everyone here works, lives and bonds harmoniously together as a true family. With a good remunerative policy and high welfare, company has bring out the job opportunities for many people, including intellectual and manual labour.

Paper Color is here today to connect people to each other by bringing to customers the meaningful gifts with high quality. If you have the opportunity to come to Vietnam, let's visit us to have the practical feels and interesting experiences at the origin of the beautiful cards you hold in your hand.


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