Author July 26, 2018

The miracle power of handwritten encouragement letters

One of the most impotent feelings in the world is knowing the person you love is feeling down because of illness, job failure or unfinished dream but you can not do anything for them. Maybe you will not be able to help them in eliminating the pain or despair, but you can completely empower them wi...
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Author July 24, 2018

Memories from hand-written letters

In the memory of the 8x generation and 9x generation, the feeling attached to the letter is unforgettable. The letters are not letters sent by email or text messages but are written by hand. At that time, sending letters, postcards, giving cards to each other was a very familiar thing to anyo...
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Author July 21, 2018

What Is The Value Of Handmade Gifts?

Choosing gifts, giving presents to loved ones is a small joy that is difficult to express in words. However, sometimes the "fun" does give us a headache, wondering what people like. Especially when they have everything from essential to precious things in life....
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Anonymous June 01, 2018

A Thank You Letter To Your Parents - A Gift Of Miracles

Although you know that, while you easily confess your feelings to your friends or lovers, it is rare for you to say "thank you" to your parents, even if you really want to do it, right? If it is so shy for you to speak out, why don't you write a letter to thank your parents? Parents, of course, do ...
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Author June 01, 2018

Hand-written love letters: straight from the heart

Someday or somehow, any one of us will experience love and the feeling of happiness or anxiety when thinking about a person. Every love affair, whether lasting or belong to the past will be saved into memories and not easily forgotten in your heart. And in one way or another, expressing love to lo...
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