You are about to welcome a new baby to your family and want to hold a baby shower party at your home? that is interesting and unique.

However, you have not got any special ideas, right?

Do not worry! Whether you're welcoming your own little one or holding a baby shower for someone else, it's easy to make a fun and memorable baby shower with homemade food, decorations, invitations and games.

1. Food ideas

The choice of dishes that will appear on the menu is never dispensable in a baby shower. Since delicious food is what most guests expect from a party, you do not want to disappoint them, right?

First, make sure that your tables have plenty of finger food so that everyone can have a good meal and have fun conversations with each other. This is one of the best ways to connect all guests in case they have not known each other before.

What about the brunch food? Of course, you have a lot of choices. Priority is given to healthy, non-alcoholic foods and drinks for mothers and children such as fruit mocktail (apple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, crushed ice and garnish with orange slices), tasty cheese ball, ham sandwich, chocolate cookie, cup salad, popcorn, ice cream and fresh fruits.

Beside the choice of dishes, the way to decorate the dish that is attractive and eye-catching is also an important factor creating a joyful atmosphere for the baby shower party. We suggest you try to create fun baby-themed decorations, such as, instead of putting the fruit on a plate, you can style a watermelon into a baby carriage and drop fruit into it. We guarantee that all of your guests will be amazed at this creativity.

Watermelon baby carriage. Credit image to

2. Decoration ideas

Next, let's talk a bit about how to decorate a baby shower party.

The first thing you need to do before embarking on the decoration is to choose the theme for the baby shower. Pick up the main colors depending on the baby shower party for boys or girls (such as pink, yellow for girls and blue navy, silver for boys), or other themes about nature, plants, animals or a lovely cartoon character.

Although the baby shower is held in the room, do not let that limit your decor. You should consider decorating the outside of the house to mark the location of the shower started from the get-go, such as hanging a lovely noticeboard with the message "Road to baby shower” or “It's a boy / girl" in front of the door with a bunch of colorful bubbles.

Choose a theme for your baby shower party. Credit image to

Bubbles, fresh flowers and other colorful decorations will surely make the baby shower “fun”, we are sure. And what about "memorable"? Any guest at the party is eager to meet your baby, so do not hesitate to show them your baby's ultrasound pictures by displaying the photos on a wire frame with other embellishments to match the overall baby shower theme. Whenever the party is over these can be put into a scrapbook keepsake for the mom-to-be to treasure.

3. Invitations ideas

Even when you invite only a few guests to your baby shower party, it will not be useless if you send an invitation to them through a cute and lovely card. And what do you think about a pop up card? A card is not only a piece of colored paper but also a souvenir to cherish.

Baby & Stork pop up card for your baby shower.

If you have a theme for the baby shower, like jungle or cartoon character, you can often find cute pop up invitation cards that match the theme. Actually, you do not always need a theme for a baby shower, so if you do not have one, there are plenty of cute and adorable baby shower pop up invitation cards from which to choose. Storks, peas-in-a-row, rattles and strollers are popular shower designs. Just a few lines of important information in those pop-up cards will have everyone cooing about your baby!

4. Games ideas

Since this is your own party, you can decide not to host the game. However, the game will make the party atmosphere more intimate. While participating the game, the guests can meet, interact happily and even become new friends after the party. In addition, some games invite guests to contribute something to the party as a gift for the mother-to-be. The gift may be a beautiful memory retained later. These are the factors that make the baby shower party really fun for your purposes.

Just remember, the party games should not be difficult or complicated to make sure that everyone can take part in. Now, we have a suggestion game for you: "guess the measurement of waist". To organize this game, you need a wool ball and some scissors. Ask each guest to cut a piece of wool corresponding to the expected length of the pregnant mom's belly. The winner is the one who has the most string of wool closest to the actual circumference of the belly measured at the navel.

And finally, with these suggestions above, we hope that your baby shower will be really fun and memorable and your baby will receive many best wishes!

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