A company cannot run itself without the help of employees and, crucially, they play an integral role in the process of development and invention. To make sure a company can move forward and thrive, there need to make sure employees to be engaged and motivated. The following tips from Paper Color 3D pop-up cards will help to maintain your employee’s engagement and motivation at work.

Make employees feel free and belonging: Daily, weekly and monthly report will be extremely useful for the act of managing people. Instead of closely observing people to do their tasks hours by hours, you could let your employees do the job in their own ways as long as you know it is effective.

Additionally, staff members need to be treated like adults, hence, there is no need to be spoon- fed. A suggestion is to organize weekly meeting for them to brainstorm ideas as well as providing them a chance to express themselves and contribute to the company.


Reward employees: For the best performers, beside a great compliment, they should be rewarded. The award should be publicly granted so they would feel being appreciated and being recognized. As a result, more motivation at work would be generated. The awards could be varied in different forms including giving bonus, a small trip for weekend or getting promotion.


Be a leader, not to be a boss: A boss often accompany with “being aggressive and having no empathy”. To develop a company, building culture within the company should be a mission. Literally, there need to be a leader who guides all the employees and lead them to the right direction instead of focusing on criticizing and punishments. A great leader will definitely receive respect from their staff as they always focus on development of the company along with fostering their employee’s talent.


Motivate them to move out the comfort zone: It would be a boring job if your employees keep doing the same thing all over and over again. As such, granting new responsibilities to challenge them to move out of their safe place will be a great idea. A company could annually test their employees personality and, from the result, staff could be repositioned to fit a new role which is suitable for their personalities.


Beside tips listed above, there are a wide variety of ways so as to motivate employee. However, it needs to be chosen an appropriate way which suits the current situation of the company as well as the company’s culture.

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