Knowing that the needs and demands of people who are favorable of 3D handmade pop-up cards has increased recently, many businesses has switched to pop up card industry and tried to gain their own market shares.

However, customers are perfectionists and, of course, they desire for a well-designed as well as long lasting pop-up cards.

To help identify a high-quality 3D handmade card, especially 3D pop up Christmas cards, Paper Color will share some tips to help our customers choose a right popup card provider.


examine the paper quality

When holding a card on hand, there need to check the quality of paper including the cover and the 3D pop up inside the cover. Firstly, the paper used for production needs to meet all requirements from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); and the cover must be firm enough to avoid any wrinkles when accidentally folding. The company has to guarantee that the quality of paper is safe for their workers and customers during production process and in use.


Cleanness of the card

A good quality 3D greeting card will have no dirt and yellow stain on its cover and its 3D pop-up. The fact that papers are cut by laser machine and, of course, it will be easy to create yellow lines around the cut. In addition, regardless of laser cutting process, the remained parts are handmade and, of course, they will be contacted a lot with people’s hands, especially cards with white color, it is extremely easy to stain the cover by fingerprints. Indeed, the act of close observation will help you to avoid purchasing any defective pop-up cards.


The color of the card

In case you choose to purchase your pop-up card online, make sure to check the color carefully. The color of the pop up card need to be consistent with the product itself posted online.


Design of the card

The pop-up design needs to be firm and easily to take form 3D shape when opening the card. For custom design, customer can ask for a demo or sample before receiving the final products. The 3D pop up design has to be at a complete standstill, tightly attached to its cover. Make sure the white glue used to stick paper bars, which help to form 3D shapes, does not overflow into the cover and the pop up object itself. Moreover, the 3D object needs to tightly stick to the cover and be easy to open.


The thickness of 3D pop-up cards

unlike flat card, a 3D pop up card will contain a pop up object inside the card and it will definitely give people lots of surprises once the card opened. A perfect design pop up card will have adequate level of thickness and make it look like a flat card.


Space to note down

The main function of a card is to gift people. Before sending the card to your friends, it is suggested to add notes and wishes by your handwriting to bring the receiver emotional feeling while looking at the card. It would be award if a card lacks space for handwriting. Indeed, make sure to think of what you are going to write to choose a suitable card.


We have listed main factors to determine a good quality pop up cards and we believe that it could help you somehow while choosing a perfect 3D pop up card to gift your friends and your beloved ones.


            Paper Color
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