In Vietnam, Mid-Autumn Festival is a special festival for children. It is a festival season when all children are entertained and given gifts. So, with the desire to bring joy to the children of all staff and workers at Paper Color, we held the "Mid-Autumn Festival 2018" on September 22nd.

The "Mid-Autumn Festival 2018" at Paper Color was very exciting with fun activities, this event not only brought joy and laughter, but also encouraged the children to try to study well and become good children in the family and school.

The atmosphere of the event was full of excitement and happiness with the guidance of two lovely MCs,

The Moon Lady and Jade Rabbit.

Many of the children and their parents participated in this event.

Initially, the children felt timid and shy, but then, they gradually immersed themselves in exciting folk games such as quiz, blow candles, hide and seek, ... and received great prizes, which were useful learning tools to encourage them to learn better.

The jigsaw puzzle brought both laughter and encouragement for the children to develop the ability to judge. Not only the children but the mothers were also interested in participating in this game.

There were rewards. The gifts the children received were useful and necessary learning kits.

The table with finger foods and soft drinks added some "sweet" flavor to the event.

In particular, the "Mid-Autumn Festival 2018" was also attended by two special guests, who are close friends of Paper Color from the England. With the exception of language and culture, the two guests were very happy to play games, talk to the children and give awards at the end of the event.

Language and cultural differences are not important, the key is to smile brightly on the faces.

Now, let's review the nice memories that "Mid-Autumn Festival 2018" brought to us!

The day ended in the nostalgia of the little ones, but the joy, pride, and anticipation for the next festival still remain.

Paper Color

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