No one knows ever since, "stork" and "baby" have become very close together in cultures around the world. From centuries ago, the story of "stork carrying baby" has appeared in countless myths and folktales around the world in different versions.

Most of Europe's folktales have always said that the responsibility of the stork is to bring new babies to their parents. There is also another version that says that the storks have "picked up" the kids in a pond where they are dreaming, to bring them to families looking for children. Meanwhile, German folktales suggest that storks find newborn babies in caves or swamps and bring them to families in a basket on their back or in a bag in front of their mouths. They will "give" the baby to the mother or drop down by the chimney.

Every version of "stork carrying baby" seems to be just a joke of parents to answer the question "Where do you come from?" of their children, but behind it is the humanistic implication: The birth of every baby is always a miracle, a priceless gift in this life.

Baby and Stork pop up card

And that implication was also an inspiration for Paper Color to bring you the Baby and Stork pop up card which is not so colorful or eye-catching, but is subtle and bright enough to be a blessing baby shower or the first birthday gift, or to be an invitation to everyone to attend the special occasions of the baby.

Paper Color

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