Valentine is coming. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, spend the day loving yourself.  

If you are singles, the idea of let’s-celebrate-not-having-to-celebrate-Valentine’s Day may sound irresistible.

While to the singles Valentine’s Day is known as the Happy Single Awareness Day AKA. World Desperation Day, seriously you can still spend the day at peace and proudly say to yourself NO BOYFRIEND NO PROBLEM.

The 21 Day Happy Challenge is inspired by the idea of Happy In 21 community on Facebook. Why it has to be 21 days? Well, HappyIn21said that happiness only occurs after 21 days for making choices and habit of feeling happy.

You can search online for this bucket list easily. Take selfie each day, or watch a beautiful scenery with your significant other is a great choice to add up happiness in your daily life.

Like HappyIn21 suggests, there are two basic ways to create such positive habit which are 21 day challenge and 3 things to be grateful each day. I took the challenge to see how it is going and confident that I can tackle it easily.

Here comes my 21-Day-Happy-Challenge

Actually, it is easier said than done. Until I let the ball rolling, I understand there is no force to earn the happiness until I really want it in the natural ways. Of course, once in a blue moon, I got myself caught in a bad day and want to play Bad Day song by Daniel Powter on and on..and on, but what are we doing that for?

Thinking back, maybe I did it because I think it would release the negative energy as quickly as I would like the bad things goes away. I hoped that the negative energy will transfer into another form and fade away. It helps in some cases, but it left a bad consequence.

I hurt my beloved people and the negative feeling directly pushes my supporters away. Fortunately, it didn’t harm anyone.

The best way to practice HappyIn21 is to change how you feel on the inside rather than focusing on the outside. There would be no real result until I change the way I look at things.

That’s the reason why I love HappyIn21’s Challenge. My toughest challenge is on day #18 – Asking my old friends for a ladies night out.

At the beginning, I thought it is gonna be an easy task, since I had a group of friends and we hadn’t meet up for a long time.

I tried and totally felt like a fish out of water to know that they are all busy and can only meet up on Sunday next week.

So, my tip to you to overcome this task is to revise the list first and ask them out at the first day of the challenge.

My additional advice for you before you decide to take on this challenge is you should take your time and be yourself.

Moreover, you should be ready for any unexpected outcomes because everything happens for a reason.

Everything can be done spontaneously or by choice, but at least show your care about it.


Come with us, tell us your Ideas & Let Us Say Your Feelings!
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Let Us Say Your Feelings

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