Author September 21, 2018

How Did Wisteria Become Our Design Inspiration?

Each flower has its own story and meaning. If roses symbolize the love and passion, tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts and wisteria flowers exude the deep and loyal eternal love. The image of each wisteria tree drops dramatically not only appear in poetry, music or film but also appear in unique han...
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Author September 21, 2018

What Makes Sunflower Pop Up Card Become Our Best Seller?

Each year, there are many occasions to give gifts to each other, from the holidays to special days such as: birthday, mother's day, teacher's day, graduation ceremony, Valentine ... So there are many people thinking about how to choose a gift that is truly suitable and meaningful for different occas...
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Author September 11, 2018

What does getting a 3D pop-up card feel like?

Each one of us is a universe of emotions and no one like anyone, there will be people who love the excitement; And there will be people who like quietness. However, no matter how people respond to the world around them with different emotions, it is clear that joy and happiness are an indispensabl...
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Author August 22, 2018

Sunflower - a gift of hope for the new graduates

As students, who do not expect to graduation which is the day they are wearing a formal bachelor shirt and waiting for a future open wide. So there will be nothing more wonderful than giving the new bachelor who is your loved one, your friend or your lover the gift of celebration on that big day wit...
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