What are Criteria to Choose a Supplier for 3D Pop Up Card Business?

Christmas time is considered to be the best time to sell 3D pop up Christmas cards. Indeed, on the given time, people will use those cards for a lot of purposes such as gifting other people, decoration and making Christmas card collection. Understanding customer’s taste and hobbies will definitely bring profit to the company. We would like to suggest some criteria for retailers to choose an appropriate supplier for 3D pop up card.


The Supplier’s Capacity

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Capacity of supplier is the most critical factor that a retailer must consider before the act of collaboration. Imagine you are a big retailer and you want to order a large quantity of a specific popup card; however, your supplier’s production capacity cannot meet such quantity then obviously you would be switch to other company where they have larger capacity. This will waste a lot of your time then you need to consider this matter beforehand.

Work Environment of Seller’s Employees

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At a developing country like Vietnam, the labor cost is literally cheap and manufacturer tend to hire part time worker to avoid any rights for their employees. This will help to minimize the expense, as a result, reduce the price to attract customers. However, it is totally unethical as everybody needs to be treated equally and working in good conditions. Before choosing a supplier, you need to examine the whole company including its office and factory to make sure their employees are happily doing their jobs.


A wide Diversity of Products to provide

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Accept that it would be boring if you scroll down a company’s website and find nothing which could hold your attention for a while. Indeed, an appropriate supplier for 3D popup cards need to have diverse products in different categories. In addition, customer’s tastes vary a lot within a year and they hate looking at designs which they could find anywhere. The company’s product needs to be unique enough to differentiate itself from other companies available in the market to meet customer’s needs and demands.


Attractive Promotions

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Sales and promotion always attract people’s attention and it is also an integral criterium to evaluate a supplier. A good supplier will get customers updated by sending newsletter via email and, of course, by only checking the email, customers will have a clear view towards their supplier’s promotion program and possibly a good promotion will contribute considerably to a retailer’s profits.


Response time, lead time and delivery time

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This aspect is close to company’s customer service. No company or retailer wants to work with a company with long response time and literally cannot meet the deadline for shipping the order. A suitable supplier will give customer a specific plan and timeline to help customer keep track of their order easily without any worries


Paper Color hopes that this article will help you to choose the most suitable supplier for your business, particularly in 3D pop up card industry.

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