How Much Time Does It take to Make a 3D Christmas Pop-up Card?

Wishes and gifts often accompany together on Christmas seasons. Speaking of gifts, it cannot be a lack of Christmas cards where people could have a chance to show off their handwriting as well as putting their feelings into wish notes then gift to their beloved ones. However, surely that you are curious about the time it will take to form a handmade card, especially 3D pop-up Christmas card. Now I will take you a tour at Paper Color to find out how much time will be used to complete a 3D pop-up Christmas card.




Planning and design

This is the first step and it consumes approximately 10 to 12 hours to come up with the Christmas tree idea and to carefully illustrate it as 3D shape. Normally, for more complicated design such as train or land rover car, the time could be up to 3 days to finish the drawings.


Laser cutting

After finishing the design step, the drawing would be converted into a laser machine and, of course, appropriate paper as well as the colors required for the design will be considered and lay in the machine. Speaking of the Christmas design, the cutting process will take roughly 5 minutes to complete. The next step is to take out paper bars from the laser machine and to classify them into separate groups.


Assemble Paper Bars

At this step, it will take 25 minutes for a Christmas pop-up card. To illustrate, small paper pieces including leaf, trunk parts and baubles for decoration will be assembled to one another. We have to make sure they could perfectly fit and form a 3D shape which could firmly stand on the surface of its white cover. After that, white glue will be utilized to attach 3D pop-up to white and red covers.


Cleaning process

Finally, we need to check the whole card to clean any dirt and fingerprints available on the card then pack the card into a plastic bag. Literally, the card is completed and ready to gift your family and friends.

In total, it takes up to 13 hours to bring this Christmas tree card come to life. Not only it requires time to do, indeed, we also put our love and passion into it.

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