Top 5 ideas to use pop up cards for fun

"Will you marry me?" is popping up with the image of a plastic ring in a box handed in by John when Linda opens a romantic pop up card. How do you feel? It is so happy and surprising for many couples all around the world. And now, it is your turn, to use pop up cards for fun. 
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When pop up cards become a friendly marketing tool

How can a company call re-consuming their products? Aside from the many strategies of products development, marketing and branding, customer care is one of the key plans to help a company nit only maintain, but also increase, their revenue from their existing customers, truly making their loyal customers feel like partners.
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Enrich your soul with 3d pop up cards

How do you feel when receiving a greeting card, especially a 3d pop up card within wonderful gifts inside? Deeply surprised and touched? 3D Pop up cards can be used to express happiness, sadness, congratulations, sharing, encouragement, joking or poking and enrich your soul

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Pop up cards: An effective tool for parents

Parents always have lots of tips to make their kids become obedient, quiet and eager to learn everything. Pop up card can help parents many times as an effective parent's tool.

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Pop up card: one card, many uses

For a long time, when you talk about greeting cards, even pop up cards, people just think that they are used for greetings for specific seasons, holidays or special events. From now on, you should change your mind and think differently when you use a pop up card.
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Why creating pop up card together allow couples to love more?

Handmade pop up card are always more unique and meaningful than normal greeting cards. When a couple spends time together to enjoy making pop up cards, they both express their talents and enhance their feelings of love, caring and companionship.
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How To Display Pop Up Card? Part 1: Opening & Closing Machine

How can we display Pop Up Card to attract people & promote sales? While displaying normally like greeting card, people cannot see what is inside card & not see the special things that hidden inside card.
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This is a common question that is usually asked by buyers, because most of current buyers want to create Pop up card design according their ides & request to have more special card and can competitive with other buyers.
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