Connect Others in International Women's Day with pop up cards

8th March AKA International Women's Day is coming. Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. What are your plan to treat the woman of your life? Let Paper Color share some nice tips to lighten your special's day up.


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Time management – 30 minutes on doing nothing

With 30 minutes of spare time, what are you going to do and choose to experience? What I mean here is 30 minutes of solitude. You are free of workload and no more pressure lays on your shoulder. Most people I know will spend this time for yoga practices. What about you?


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DIY - Materials for a beautiful kirigami

Paper Colors believes that everyone can make a great pop up card by using the right tools. Today we offer you the information of basic materials to create a meaningful gift for your friends, colleges or sweetheart. Or just simply an unique card you make on spare time. 

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A little information of Kirigami

Take a look at the brief overview of Kirigami history. Kirigami has a long history dated back in Japan and influence widely on the culture of paper cutting. At Paper Color, we would like to take you through a journey of Kirigami so that you can have a better view of how the card is made. 

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There is a saying "The secret of being happy is accepting who you are in life and making the most out of everyday." Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I am preparing myself with a pack of fried potato and set up a list of friends to call. It may sound absurd, but I am happy with or without a boyfriend. What about you? What are you going to do tomorrow? Come and share with Paper Color about your journey. 

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What is Paper Color’s vision on Valentine’s Day?

Paper Color believes that every card is a bridge that brings you closer to your beloved. Every artists here perform their best to bring you the most beautiful products, like the message said - Come with us, tell us your ideas & Let us say your feelings. Our team works ceaselessly to bring you the truest form of experience and enhance your positivism. 

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Vietnamese Sweet Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a world-wide known event for couples. It is famous for its sweet meaning. How Vietnam celebrate this event? Are you interested in getting to know more about the culture? Let Paper Color show you how us celebrate this event so that you can fully enjoy Valentine's Day in Vietnam.

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Happy lunar new year comes with you by a lucky pop up card

Whenever Happy Lunar New Year of Asian people comes, the rest of the world can enjoy lots of awesome celebrating activities of traditional culture. The best of them is to come and visit, say greetings and give lucky money or red envelopes to each other. How amazing it is when opening a pop up card, you can be surprised by receiving many New Year greetings and lucky money.
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Tips for a romantic Valentine date starting from pop up love cards

The marvelous time of 2016 is running out. We are preparing for welcoming a happy new year 2017. And after the big event of New Year Eve, we will also have another huge and meaningful ceremony for couples all over the world? Yup, that is Valentine’s day. Let’s make a perfectly romantic Valentine date for you and your lovers starting from pop up love cards.
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Pop up card: one card, millions of shades to say “I love you”

Somebody gets stuck when saying loves to the other people publicly and directly because of his or her shyness. That is why greeting cards exists to help people send many meaningful messages to each other. But one pop up card can do more than any normal greeting cards. How can it do that?
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