What Do You Know about Capability of Manufacture at Paper Color?

Organizational capabilities provide a company with an advantage in the marketplace. When an organization continues to create new capabilities and develops existing ones, it will maintain the advantage over its competitors. Capabilities that provide a competitive advantage include knowledge, product licenses and innovative designs and capability of manufacture – all of these factors help a company to grow and earn profits, it decides to the company’s success obviously. Therefore, Paper Color always focus on these concerns to grow up company and expanding its market size.
How it’s started
Hi, I’m Ken, a marketing member at Paper Color. Currently, I’m a developing marketing plan for growing up Paper Color’s business, and this is my first time to see how employee in Paper Color create a large number of pop up card in one day around 1000 pieces, it means they can make 30000 pieces in one month, even this kind of product required meticulous skills to make - it’s wonderful.
I always wonder how employee in Paper Color can think of new idea for designs, and creating the technique processes to make a beautiful pop up card and manufacture them with a large number of pieces – then I found out the way they did:
   1. First is designing: the design team will start programing the basic design on the computer, they will use the graphic software to create the shape of pop up card and then reassemble shape together to be a completed form. This will take around 5 to 7 days on a new design.
   2. Then they will use laser machine to cut the basic shape on the paper, this step will reduce the time and help to make more pop up cards.
   3. Finally, is employee force, they are a very important factor on the development of Paper Color company. Making the products to deliver on time or not will depend on them, these employees are very high skill and enthusiastic on manufacture these pop up card. Normally they can make around 25000-30000 pieces each month – what a wonderful. 

Oh, the last thing I’ll tell you about is what my role is with Marketing. Most of my conversations before joining the Paper Color team were about increasing engagement, producing more content, and receiving more impressions. So that’s what I’m here to do -- to help with the strategy. Well, I love this job. If you want more information about pop up card – just visit our website at Papercolor.net

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