The Procedures from Ordering to Delivery of 3D Pop-up Card at Paper Color

Geographical distance is the biggest barrier of our company when contacting customers and, of course, it is also hard for clients to come directly to our company so as to know about the process from placing an order to the act of delivery. Therefore, we will help to briefly illustrate our operational process of ordering.


Step 1: Customers send request to place an order.

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Firstly, customer will place an order by recording product codes available on our websites. In case customer needs any helps, they could contact us via the email and we will promptly response.


Step 2: Sales make the quotation and proforma invoice for customer to check

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After making choices of different products, our salespeople will have responsibility to make a quotation and proforma invoice and send right back to customer via email. If they have any concerns towards price and designs, they could contact back to discuss more with the help of the sales team.


Step 3: Discuss if there are any changes in client’s orders

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For any inquiries regarding designs such as color choices, size of cards and the number of cards per order, salespeople would be in charge and clarify unclear points from customer side. Particularly for custom designs, salespeople would note down all the ideas from clients and directly convey the message to design team.


Step 4: Make first payment to confirm the order and production

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In this step, after carefully checking the quotation, customer will make the first payment which costs 50% value of the order as well as 100% value of the shipping fees to confirm the order, also get ready to start producing goods.


Step 5: Confirm the dispatch date for the order

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Customer will confirm the date of completing the order and the delivery time regarding their products. This will help them to always keep track the timeline of production.


Step 6: Production department will handle and process the order

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Production team will receive the order from salespeople and they would closely work with one another until finishing the deal. At this stage, cards will be made by means of advance technology machines and professionally assemble by artists.


Step 7: Finalize the last payment and ready to ship the order

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When finalizing the order, sales team will contact back to customer to confirm. After that, clients will finish the last payment of 50% and the order will be shipped right after receiving the full payment amount.


Step 8: Inform tracking number to follow the shipment

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The fact that shipping time would take several days depending on means of shipment. As such, we would provide customer the tracking number to keep track with their goods during delivery time.


Step 9: Get feedback from customers

At last, customer will receive products and our marketing team will contact back to customer to get customer’s feedback in terms of service quality and satisfaction of customer, thereby making appropriate improvements in the future.

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