St. Patrick's Day Fun Fact

17th March is coming. While people all over the world is getting ready to honor St Patrick on 17th March, Asian is also busy purchasing green items and shamrock to decorate on St Patrick’s Day. People in Asia do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and while the celebration may not be as widespread as it is in the United States and parts of Europe, celebrations are often held in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other Asian countries. The annual parade held in Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan may be one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on the Asian continent.  

Have you ever wondered – why should I wear green? What is a leprechaun? Are Irish really lucky? Is green beer safe to drink? These are the common characteristics in any St. Patrick’s Day you are going to take part in. These are the reasons:

  1. Luck of the Irish? Many St. Patrick’s Day traditions revolve around luck. The phrase “Luck of an Irish” can be traced to the 1800s during the US gold rush where a high number of Irish people found gold and silver. A rainbow has 7 easily distinguishable colors. Both the rainbow and the number 7 are symbols of luck around the world.
  2. Special Shamrock and Other Lucky Charms

    According to Christian legend, St. Patrick used the 3 leaf clover to teach the Irish pagans about the Trinity, while each of 4 leaf clover represents something: hope, faith, love and luck respectively.

    You can always hang a horseshoe around the doorway to bring in more luck. Just to make sure you get the right direction which the tips are pointed upwards. Otherwise, the luck will pour out.

    The saying goes: “See a penny pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck”. Fill pots o’ gold.

    A falling star is always a good time to make a wish. You are lucky to see one. So remember to make one when you see it.

  3. Green? Is it lucky? It wouldn’t be the same on St Patrick’s Day celebration without the emerald green tinge in Windy City AKA Chicago, USA. Wearing green is patriotic and considered lucky especially on St. Patrick’s Day. You can drink a cup of green beer as a tradition on this lucky day.
  4. Lucky Leprechauns. Why not? They are the cranky fairies who mend the shoes of other fairies. They have magical powers and delight in mischief and trickery, which they use to guard their fabled treasures. And more good news, if you catch a leprechaun, he has to grant you 3 wishes. Good luck!
  5. Kiss the what? There is a magical stone called “The Blarney Stone” that whoever kisses the stone will have the power of persuasion. No sloppy stone kiss allowed. Best to keep your kiss a small peck since there are millions have kissed this stone already.
  6. Wishes on St Patrick’s Day. There are many wishes to give away on St Patrick’s Day that I’ve come across some of the interesting ones on the Internet.

    Irish blessing

    May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.

    May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true. And the kindness you spread keep returning to you.

  7. Paper Color on St Patrick’s Day. We love to celebrate every holiday which includes St Patrick’s Day to reinforce our company’s culture and increase the engagement of our team. St Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite occasions because it’s free spirited and fun in its own way. All in all, let’s get creative with the upcoming holiday and don’t forget to spread the love.

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