Experience a Day at Paper Color’s Factory

Located on Binh Tan District, which is away from Ho Chi Minh center approximately 7.5 miles, I quickly take my helmet off and get inside the factory. At first, I was extremely impressed by working environment as people are horizontally sitting next to one another and professionally performing their job.

pop up cards factory

Currently, there are more than 50 employees working at the factory including team leaders for separate groups. Employees at Paper Color’s factory are very friendly and warm hearted. It could be seen by the smile on their faces when meeting such a new comer like me. Looking around, I could notice that everyone is enthusiastically doing their jobs and, indeed, they are not only doing a normal job, they are creating artwork with the help of different colorful sheet of papers.

Employees at Paper Color’s factory pop up cards factory

Along with working, there are a meeting room at factory to organize weekly meeting and plan the work for the next week. This indeed creates a strong spirit at workplace as well as increasing professionalism within the whole company. At Paper Color, making a complete 3D pop-up card requires 5 main steps from cutting paper to packaging products.

3D pop-up cards factory

Firstly, appropriate kind of paper for separate designs will be chosen and cut into small bars based on designer’ drawings by means of laser machines. After that, all the pieces would be gently moved to manufacturing team to assemble flat pieces into 3D artwork. By close observation, I was surprised because all of people working there do their jobs at a proficient level.

3D greeting cards factory

Though paper pieces are small and tiny, they cannot generate any difficulties to those skillful fingers of the art makers. When 3D objects are completed, they will be attached to flat covers then going to “check point” to examine any mistakes or clean any dirt on card. After finalizing all those tasks, each card will be packed by plastic bags and carefully arrange into carton boxes for delivery.


For only one day of experience at Paper Color’s factory, I only can draw a big picture of what to be a working day. There will surely have more stories to tell. If you have a chance to visit Vietnam then you are welcome to visit Paper Color factory for a hands-on day experience to create artwork.


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