3D Pop-up card – An emerging Trend of Paper Craft Industry in the World

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Speaking of paper craft, we would definitely think of greeting cards to gift people on special occasions. Needless to say, I could be sure that anyone of us has at least once tried making handmade greeting card by means of colorful papers. However, the cards themselves are not merely gifts anymore, but gradually become a big industry in which a lot of people invest. And greeting card is steadily replaced by 3D pop up cards, the art of bringing flat designs come to real life in 3D shapes.


According to Greeting Card Association (2009), the annual sales of greeting card in the United States is estimated to be USD 7.5 million and, to be noticed, an average number of cards purchased by a household is up to 30 cards with USD 2 to USD 10 spent on each card. In addition, in another country like the UK, the market size in 2015 for greeting card is also huge and it accounts for USD 2.2 billion (Greeting Card Association 2016) and other potential markets such as Germany and Australia also have a large amount of expenditure on greeting card per year.


In today society, thank to advanced technology, we have transformed flat greeting cards into a new level by combination of Kirigami art and basic greeting card so as to generate 3D pop up cards. A popup card is described as a greeting card and once opened, the 3D pop up effect comes to real life with realistic illustrations. Alike greeting card, there are a wide variety of category in popup card including 3D Christmas pop up card, Birthday, Congratulation and Animal. These cards are highly attractive to people and it gives a strong impression to anyone who sees them for the first time.


To illustrate, Greeting Card (2017) states clearly that 3D pop up card has become an increasingly developed trend in markets such as the USA, the UK, Germany and Australia. People tend to choose 3D pop-up card rather than flat design greeting cards. This is a prediction that 3D popup cards will become popular, account for a large proportion in greeting card industry and gradually be a replacement for flat design cards in the next few years.


As one of the Vietnamese manufacturer for 3D pop up card, Paper Color is still on the right track as putting passions and effort into each design of 3D popup card to make it unique as well as to differentiate our business from other competitors. In the long run, we aim to become the leader in Vietnamese pop-up card industry and provide custom designs not only in any specific markets, but distributing worldwide.


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