Author August 15, 2018

Let's get emotional marketing with 3D pop up cards?

Why do customers buy your products? Do they buy your products because they really "need" them or because of their "want"? Do not be confused that people buy what they need, because people actually buy what they "want" more. Demands are driven by logic but the desire is driven by emotions. Emotion, t...
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Author August 11, 2018

What is a great gift for someone who is leaving?

Being away from home or country is something that nobody wants but life is a long journey and we have to choose our own paths. So there will be people going from one area to another to make a living and someone will choose to go to a city outside their beloved country to pursue their dreams. But reg...
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Author August 08, 2018

How to encourage the patients with a pop up card?

There are many things in life that no matter how powerful you are, it is difficult for you to control them and illness is one of them. Illness is the greatest fear of all, we are afraid of it not because one day it will come to us but above all, the more afraid our loved ones encounter it. There is ...
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Author August 07, 2018

The Power Of Saying Thank You

Since childhood, when we were babbling to learn to speak, we were told by our parents that, when being helped or given gifts, we must say "thank you" to that person. As grown-up, we have learned that besides being obedient and polite, saying "thank you" is also a sign of a polite and courteous perso...
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Author July 26, 2018

The miracle power of handwritten encouragement letters

One of the most impotent feelings in the world is knowing the person you love is feeling down because of illness, job failure or unfinished dream but you can not do anything for them. Maybe you will not be able to help them in eliminating the pain or despair, but you can completely empower them wi...
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Author July 24, 2018

Memories from hand-written letters

In the memory of the 8x generation and 9x generation, the feeling attached to the letter is unforgettable. The letters are not letters sent by email or text messages but are written by hand. At that time, sending letters, postcards, giving cards to each other was a very familiar thing to anyo...
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